Draft Supplementary Item – Observation of New Voting Technologies

OSSE Inför OSCE-PA:s sommarmöte i Minsk, Vitryssland, har Björn Söder författat ett förslag till en sk Supplementary Item, dvs tilläggspunkt. För att förslaget skall behandlas vid sommarmötet krävs att 20 parlamentariker från 5 olika länder stödjer det. Nu återstår arbete med att få stöd för att förslaget skall behandlas under mötet.





Draft Supplementary Item

Observation of New Voting Technologies

Principal Sponsor:

Mr Björn Söder


  1. Acknowledging that the challenges presented by new voting technologies will require a revised approach in regards to the way we observe elections in order to safeguard free and fair democratic elections.
  2. Recognising the necessity of updated observational methods and expertise so as to enable observers in the task of observing elections performed using new voting technologies.
  3. Stressing the importance of preserving the secrecy of the ballot when digital voting takes place in a controlled environment through the use of encryption or other necessary digital security.
  4. Noting the difficulties concerning digital voting in non-controlled environments, in particular when it comes to observing the voting process to ensure that it has taken place in a democratically sound manner.
  5. Underlining the importance of maintaining, and improving, transparency in pursuance of credible elections. Through making source code, and other information regarding the election process, available an increased level of transparency can be achieved.
  6. Emphasising the essentiality of observing the election process at several junctions so as to enable observers to form an opinion on the process. With new voting technologies it is important that observers are able to see the entire process before, during, and after the election takes place in order to confirm that the systems work as intended.
  7. Stressing the necessity of creating an OSCE task force aimed at further investigating the role OSCE observers’ have to play when elections use new voting technologies.

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly:

  1. Calls upon the OSCE participating States to be at the forefront of developing new ways to observe elections that use new voting technologies.
  2. Encourages the OSCE participating States to take notice of the developments regarding new voting technologies.
  3. Welcomes the OSCE participating States to engage in international exchange of ideas and methods concerning new voting technologies and their effects on democracy.
  4. Underlines that OSCE participating States considering new voting technologies may need to review their legislation in order to ensure that new voting technologies are treated in a legislatively appropriate manner.

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