Draft Supplementary Item – Time to Breathe New Life Into Minsk II

OSSE Inför OSCE-PA:s sommarmöte i Tbilisi, Georgien, har Björn Söder författat ett förslag till en sk Supplementary Item, dvs tilläggspunkt. För att förslaget skall behandlas vid sommarmötet krävs att 20 parlamentariker från 5 olika länder stödjer det. Nu återstår arbete med att få stöd för att förslaget skall behandlas under mötet.

Draft Supplementary Item – Time to Breathe New Life Into Minsk II

Principal Sponsor

Mr Björn Söder


  1. Recalling that over a year has passed since the conclusion, in February 2015, of the agreement to end the conflict in the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine, known as the Minsk II settlement. While many of its provisions have yet to be fulfilled and tensions in the region remain, Minsk II is, unlike its collapsed predecessor Minsk I, still intact;
  2. Recognizing that a number of factors conducive to a more comprehensive implementation of Minsk II may now be at hand – whether it be in the region concerned; more generally in the two states most directly concerned, Ukraine and the Russian Federation; or at world level;
  3. Concluding that this new context is related new circumstances.They include:- the resumption of the peace negotiations on Syria in March 2016, which could help foster a ’peace momentum’ also for other conflicts, and be used by the OSCE in bringing the various parties, and notably the Russian Federation, back to the Minsk II negotiating table with fresh proposals;- a worsening economic outlook across Europe and indeed the world that would call for new peace initiatives to stimulate overall growth. Among the underlying reasons are not only a slow-down in China and other rising economies, depressed oil prices and currency volatility, but also the need to achieve an expansion in trade and mutual investment across Europe;- an emerging international ’conflict fatigue’ over what appears to be a encroaching ’Minsk II inertia’, and over that inertia’s inexorably rising human, social, economic and political consequences for all. To this should be added an apprehension that unless early action is taken, the situation could either degenerate into renewed hostilities, or harden to form yet another of the world’s already too numerous frozen conflicts;
  4. Recognizing the clear advantages of Minsk II over Minsk I – such as in its pronounced endeavour to reconcile the fundamental interests of all parties and in setting out priority areas for action – it now behooves stakeholders to start utilising Minsk II’s full potential, such as by intensifying the work of the Trilateral Contact Group (Ukraine, the Russian Federation and the OSCE), and by creating and putting into action the various working groups which are envisaged in the agreement and are needed for further implementation.


The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly:

  1. Urges the OSCE on its essential role in overseeing the conclusion of the Minsk II Agreement, and
  2. calls on the organisation, as well as all its Member States, to seize the opportunities offered by the present constellation of favourable circumstances at regional, European and world level, in order to add new momentum and resolve to the further implementation of the Minsk II Agreement for ending the conflict in eastern Ukraine – thereby building, piece by piece, the conditions for additional trust and stability. In order to further this process, the OSCE is encouraged to call, on the one hand, on the Russian Federation to abstain from providing any military support in eastern Ukraine and, on the other, on Ukraine to forestall any violations of human rights on the part of Ukrainian irregular forces.

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