Statement by Mr Björn Söder in the debate on the OSCE’s role in an era of conflict

OSCE PA Statement by Mr Björn Söder in the debate at the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Autumn Meeting  in Yerevan 18th November 2023 on the OSCE’s role in an era of conflict.

Madame President,
Dear Colleagues,

We have for a long time faced increasing troubling times. With Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, Hamas’s terrorist attack against Israel and Azerbaijan’s ethnic cleansing of Nagorno-Karabakh, the violence against innocent people and children seems to have no end. These various attacks and war have to be condemned and we need to act accordingly.

One war, attack or military conflict cannot distract from another. All aggressions, especially those where civilians are targeted have to be deplored. Whenever violations of international law are seen, thorough investigations must be conducted. We as parliamentarians and members of the OSCE PA need to make sure that these conflicts receive equal time on our agenda and that no aggressions are forgotten in light of discussions regarding another.

Together, the OSCE and the international community, therefore, need to condemn all war crimes and human rights violations and make sure that they are mapped and documented, in order to bring those responsible to justice. Because killing innocent people can never pass unnoticed and criminals have to be prosecuted.

The OSCE must continue to stand up for the right of Ukraine, not only to defend its people but also to take back its entire territory.

I urge you to take every opportunity to talk with each other at this meeting in order to find continued solutions and agreements for sending aid and weapons to our Ukrainian friends.

I will also address two other and urgent matters. Israel has every right to defend its citizens and its territory. The disgusting acts of terror by militant islamists can not be condemned enough. Let us be clear, this Assembly stands united with Israel, one of our partners for Co-operation.

In the aftermath of the terror attacks, we shall also be grateful for participating states within the OSCE that sends a clear and loud message that support of terror organisations never will be accepted.

The actions taken in Germany to prohibit pro terror propaganda and meetings will hopefully be followed by many more.

Lastly, being here in Yerevan shows a sincere and true commitment from us for all those that have fled from the Azerbaijani aggression on Nagorno-Karabakh. The acts of war must be condemned such as the lack by foreign troops we saw in keeping the Lachin corridor safe and open. It must be condemned.

We need to stand with the people who have lost family members, relatives and friends. Because as parliamentarians of the OSCE PA, we have a duty to uphold the founding principles of the Helsinki Act and safeguard human rights. Not only in words but also in finding real solutions in fighting evilness whenever it occurs.

Thank you!

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